HEATSTER - a platform for heat stress transcription factors (HSFs)

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The sample run includes all HsfA1 sequences (combo box 'HSF sequence') derived from A. thaliana, S. lycopersicum (combo box 'Species') and a user defined sequence (text area, HsfA1 from Pinus taeda). The motifs of the overall motif set of HsfA1 (combo box 'Motif sets') of HEATSTER version 1 & 2 (radio buttons) are matched onto the protein sequence. The visualization tool will perform a plain visualization (data included in the database, selected via dropdown combo boxes) and an extended one (sequence included, text area, >own_sequence). To start the visualization tool, please click 'Submit'.

For the visualization:
1.) Select a species
2.) Select a motif set
3.) Select an HSF (protein sequence)
4.) Select the database version
5.) Insert a sequence in FASTA format (voluntary)
6.) Click the Submit button
The selected motif set(s) will be matched against the HSF sequence(s), derived of the selected species.

Figure 1: User interface for the visualization tool of the HEATSTER database. The page contains the header and the tool is able to display only HSFs present in the database, but also offers the inclusion of user defined sequences. The dropdowns include all species, HSFs and motif sets of the database. The motif set can be changed between version 1.0, version 2.0 or both at the same time.

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Homepage: 2.0
Database: version 1.0 and 2.0 included.