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    - **Slides 6:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol6-trees.pdf}}: A primer in phylogenetic tree reconstruction    - **Slides 6:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol6-trees.pdf}}: A primer in phylogenetic tree reconstruction
    - **Slides 7:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol7-orthology.pdf}}: Orthology    - **Slides 7:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol7-orthology.pdf}}: Orthology
-   - **Slides 8:** {{wiki:MasterEvolEvol8-trees2.pdf}}: Reampling techniques and splits+   - **Slides 8:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol8-trees2.pdf}}: Resampling techniques and splits
 **Exercises:** [[|Link to the Perl exercises]] **Exercises:** [[|Link to the Perl exercises]]
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