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 ===== Master Course Ecology and Evolution: Molecular evolution and Bioinformatics ====== ===== Master Course Ecology and Evolution: Molecular evolution and Bioinformatics ======
-**Slides 1:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol-1.pdf}}+   **Slides 1:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol-1.pdf}}: Introduction and Perl Basics 
 +   - **Slides 2:** {{wiki:Vorlesung-2-SeqEvol.pdf}}: Basic concepts in modeling sequence evolution 
 +   - **Slides 3:** {{wiki:Vorlesung-3-Mapping.pdf}}: Principles of short read mapping 
 +   - **Slides 4:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol4.pdf}}: Variant calling 
 +   - **Slides 5:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol5.pdf}}: An introduction in WGS denovo assembly  
 +   - **Slides 6:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol6-trees.pdf}}: A primer in phylogenetic tree reconstruction 
 +   - **Slides 7:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol7-orthology.pdf}}: Orthology 
 +   - **Slides 8:** {{wiki:MasterEcolEvol8-trees2.pdf}}: Resampling techniques and splits
 **Exercises:** [[|Link to the Perl exercises]] **Exercises:** [[|Link to the Perl exercises]]
-A small example script generated during the lecture {{}}+Example scripts generated during the lecture {{wiki:perlvorlagen.tar.gz}}
 **General Info:** [[|Link to the main course twiki]] **General Info:** [[|Link to the main course twiki]]
 +**Seminar Papers:**   
 +   - {{wiki:Fan2012.PNAS.pdf}}: Functional equivalence and evolutionary convergence in complex communities of microbial sponge symbionts
 +   - {{wiki:Leigh2008a.SystBiol.pdf}}: Testing Congruence in Phylogenomic Analysis
 +   - {{wiki:Bailey2015.MBE.pdf}}: The Effect of Selection Environment on the Probability of Parallel Evolution
 +   - {{wiki:Kainer2015.MBE.pdf}}: The Effects of Partitioning on Phylogenetic Inference
 +   - {{wiki:gabaldon2013.NRG.pdf}}: Functional and evolutionary implications of gene orthology
 +   - {{wiki:Pombert2015.mbio.pdf}}: The Ordospora colligata Genome: Evolution of Extreme Reduction in Microsporidia and Host-To-Parasite Horizontal Gene Transfer
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